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But my mom and I are a pair that can’t be separated.

It got me thinking, do my mom’s exes ever think about me?

He’s a disgusting monster and the only reason he’s being protected is because he stole the presidency and the @GOP, who are gasping for breath, are defending him and all other GOP monsters to divide and conquer. This trying to protray Trump as a peto is complete nonsense.

"I'll be dating her in 10 YEARS" what is wrong with that comment?

I can’t remember much beyond his face and his delicious protein shakes.

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Listen to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, weekdays 6.30-10am. QCWriter is a journalist who is fueled by espresso and motivated by determination.The #Me Too movement no doubt has many employers concerned about how to handle romantic relationships in the workplace to avoid liability.Some employers might prefer to ban office romances entirely, but such policies are impossible to enforce.And as HR executives have acknowledged, restrictive dating policies could hamper employers' hiring and retention efforts due to being seen as overly invasive.

Employers should consider all the different kinds of romantic involvements that might occur at work and the level of risk each one could generate before setting or revising a dating policy.Scattered across the procedurally generated dungeons are a bunch of lost weapons — which, once rescued, turn out to actually be extremely cute singles.