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is about being a woman: As Michelle Pfeiffer (helpfully credited as “Woman”) tells Mother, “You give and you give and you give,” and when you resist, everyone yells gendered epithets at you, knocks down your (unbraced) sinks, and steals your babies.” is about fame: The Poet loves getting attention from his fans and can’t stop himself from inviting them into his house, despite the fact that they keep destroying both it and his relationship in the process.

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This image has been sent to and may also be seen on The Jennifer Connelly fan page.

The conduct of Cross-Defendants in assisting and facilitating her prior claims and its direct impediment and impact on her lawyer's negotiation of the co-habitation agreement was a direct and legal result of her serious mental and emotional distress, causing injury and harm to Ms.

White and meaningfully contributed to her taking her own life." Carrey is suing everyone for implied indemnity and Fillipo Marchino and The X Law Group, who represented White in 2013, for extortion.

Their work is of interest to Paleo Judaica because many Old Testament pseudepigrapha survive in Old Church Slavonic or Church Slavonic. Their day is also celebrated on 24 May in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Russia, and on 5 July in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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Background on Cyril and Methodius, their alphabet, and Slavonic pseudepigrapha, is here and links.

In fact, the complaint accuses those who convinced her to make claims against the comedian in the first place for her death!