Who is charlize theron dating now 2016

08-Sep-2020 10:44

As for her career currently, while she isn't nominated for any acting awards at this year's Oscars, her movie Mad Max: Fury Road is up for Best Picture, among other awards.

Theron once told People of Townsend, "He doesn't take himself so seriously and that's hard to find in a man these days."Theron and Reeves met on the set of Sweet November, and there have been rumors that the two had an on-and-off relationship until 2012.

The Oscar winner's last boyfriend was actor Sean Penn.

The Academy Award winning actress finished off her ensemble with a black motorcycle jacket and a matching hued handbag.

While her acting career has been successful, many fans might wonder what the deal is with her personal life. As of right now, Theron is single after breaking up with Sean Penn in 2015.

She is also mother to two children: Jackson, a son who she adopted in 2012, and August, a daughter adopted in July 2015.

In 2001, Theron starred in Trapped and met Irish actor Stuart Townsend.