Updating winamp

17-Feb-2020 07:17

OGG Vorbis Support [download] [details] [homepage] This Quick Time plugin allows the user to play OGG Vorbis files in i Tunes.i Tunes Agent [download] [details] [homepage] Allows a Non-i Pod MP3 Player to be synched with i Tunes.Let us know in the comments, and if you found another solution which works for you, do let us know of that too.

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In January 2004, the MPlayer website was updated with an allegation that the Danish DVD player manufacturer, KISS Technology, were marketing DVD players with firmware that included parts of MPlayer's GPL-licensed code.Multi-Plugin [download] [details] [homepage] *Incompatible with latest i Tunes* Features: Skinning, Font Changing, Menu Hiding, i Tunes as Win Amp, Remove Unknown Album Folders, Evil Lyrics Integration, and more!