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أعمالها من الأفلام ساهمت في أهم العمال السينمائية الحديثة وعملت مع أفضل المخرجين مثل يوسف شاهين وشاركت معظم الممثلين النجوم في أدوار رئيسية مثل نور الشريف وعادل إمام. Filmographie 1982 : La mémoire : de Youssef Chahine 1984 : L’avocat : de Raafat El-Mihi 1986 : Le début : de Salah Abou Seif 1986 : La faim : de Ali Badrakhan 1992 : Le terrorisme et le kebab : de Chérif Arafa 1998 : Dentelle : de Inas El-Deghidi 2004 : Alexandrie-New York (إسكندرية .. The film is reported to have had the highest budget of any Egyptian production to date. She portrayed an enterprising con woman in what the English version of Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram called “a major departure from the star’s usual Ramadan screen persona, which has consistently verged on the romantic and the demure.”[2] In 2006, she took a supporting role in The Yacoubian Building, a star-laden adaptation of the novel of the same name. These were followed by a number of successful films with Adel Emam such as Shabab Yarkoss Fawk Alnar (Youth Dancing on Fire) by Yehiya Al Alamy in 1978, Al Ensan Yaeesh Mara Waheda (Man Only Lives Once) by Simone Saleh in 1981, Ala Bab Al Wazeer (At the Door of the Minister) by Mohamd Abdel Aziz in 1982, Al Avocato (The Lawyer) by Raafat Al Mihi in 1984, Al Ins Wa Algen by Mohamed Radi in 1985, and Karakoun Fi El Shareih. She has done comedy, drama and entertainment.[3] Kasr Fi El Hawaa (Castle In the Air) by Abdel Halim Nasr in 1980, Fatah Tabhath Ann Alhob (A Girl Looking for Love) by Nader Galal in 1977, Alf Bossa Wa Bossa (A Thousand and One Kisses) by Mohamed Abdel Aziz in 1977 and Ebtessama Waheda Takfi (One Smile is Enough) by Mohamed Bassiyouni in 1978.

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Hasan’s flat 1986 Al Bedaya The Beginning 1986 Al Galsa Al Serriya The Secret Meeting 1986 Abl El Waddaa Before Goodbye 1986 Wasmet Aar Stigma 1987 At-Taweeza Taweeza 1987 Al Laeeba 1987 Sekket En-Nadama The Way of Remorse 1987 Asfoor Laho Aneyaab Birds’ Teeth 1987 Li Adam Kefayet El Adellah Insufficient Proofs 1988 Sarkhet Nadam Cry of Remorse 1987? 1985 Al Ins Wal Gen Men and Jen 1985 As-Saaleeq The Servants 1985 Shaqat Al Ostaz Hasan Mr.