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09-Sep-2020 10:58

I work at an educational research games center called the Game Innovation Lab at University of Southern California.

Is that where it's like you match the cards and you flip them over?

I'm often asked why I chose to come here despite not being a bird.

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I live right now in Berkeley, California, hoping to move into San Francisco someday.

And welcome to the show, the very first ever debut. But there's something magical about the idea of a romantically themed video game that, how do you crunch something as abstract and amorphous and impossible as dating and relationships into a game? Is there like a first person shooter game where you fire Cupid arrows or whatnot? And before we do, I figured that we should introduce who everyone is. And I'm host a show called the Day[9] Daily, where I do video game strategy and analysis.

And that's great and fine and well and good, in terms of beating someone else and crushing someone else for victory, et cetera. I live in South Central LA, which means that you'll be hearing a lot of construction and explosions and police sirens and the like.

And so when I went to the store and had to look past all of them, I went to the only important that I really love, which is Newcastle.

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I thought, in the spirit of the Japanese dating sim, I went with some Asahi.

I found out that we must be drinking some kind of imported beer. SEAN PLOTT: Mine is from the Stone Brewery, imported from San Diego.