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22-Apr-2020 10:00

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Sookie comes into contact with a community of faeries living in a hidden world in Bon Temps and, after learning of Bill's betrayal at the end of season 3, joins them in their magical world.She quickly learns their communication with her was a trick to keep all the humans with faery DNA in the faery world.

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While Rosie is completely fulfilled in her new relationship, she made it clear she would NOT be walking down the aisle for a third time.Before you think of a cute couple name for the two thespians, they are NOT dating. Related: Brad Is Working On Himself Look at that humble little pose of his, with his hands in his pockets and that cute little barely-there smile. The actor is still going through his divorce with Angelina Jolie, but things are looking up. it definitely doesn't sound like we have another Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal on our hands!