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16-Aug-2020 16:36

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As well as directly damaging habitats such as coral reefs, the strong winds, high waves, and storm surges could threaten mobile organisms with injury or stranding.In environments that are regularly subject to such perturbations, animals might be expected to seek shelter in rough weather, and sheltering behaviour would be most effective if it began prior to the onset of dangerously rough conditions.shown to be false) – presumably to forestall the bizarre creationist argument that evolution is not real science because it is not falsifiable (I suspect this stems from a basic confusion between ‘is not falsifiable’ and ‘has not been falsified’).These are usually specific examples that could refute specific aspects of evolution (rather than disproving it generally), like Haldane’s well known ‘fossil rabbits in the Precambrian’. Firstly, there is frequent use of the phrase ‘living fossil’.

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But these are relatively trivial objections to what is an otherwise outstanding work of popular science.I agree that this is worthwhile, not just from the perspective of refuting creationism, but also as an endeavour in its own right; the science is fascinating in any case, it is always worth knowing on what evidence a scientific consensus is built, and (outside of undergraduate evolution textbooks) the evidence for evolution is not often presented succinctly in one place. Logically structured, it takes us on a tour of the various types of evidence that show evolution in action (or the ghost of evolution past), dealing with creationist misconceptions along the way.Artificial selection, fossils, biogeographical patterns, developmental evidence, genetic and morphological parallels and divergences among species, relations between predators and prey, the ever popular ‘bad design’ of features such as the vertebrate eye (easily comprehensible under an evolutionary account) and more; all are discussed using up-to-date evidence, alongside explanations of how the evidence itself is collected and understood.Yes, it always sits between quotation marks, and I realise that it is a commonly used phrase that people may find evocative, but I have to admit that I do not care for it, and I am not alone.

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At one point Dawkins’ even goes as far as to suggest: Well, I suppose he’s hedging a bit with the ‘might almost’ there, but I’m confident that no, even with the assistance of a time machine, interbreeding between individuals and their remote ancestors would not be possible.It seems unlikely that they move into deeper water to avoid the worst of the storm, because they might be vulnerable to large predators in open water, and breathing at the surface in cyclone conditions might be difficult even some way offshore.

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