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18-Dec-2019 23:11

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[ Photos: 15 Stars Who Were FIRED From Their TV/Film Roles!

] Usually, actors and their agents notice scheduling conflicts before filming begins.

The line between totally fucking insane and kind of awesome is thin, as is the one between attraction and repulsion.

Louie didn’t say much this episode, but his face throughout revealed a guy trying to determine if this crazy person is good or bad for him.

An enthusiasm for ballet led her to contemplate becoming a professional dancer.

Well, tonight’s episode of Picking up where things left off last episode (which is nothing I’ve typed before about this show), Louie meets Parker Posey’s bookshop clerk outside the store for their first date.

In her first substantial mainstream film role, Posey brought her sometimes abrasive screen personality to the character of Hanks's narcissistic book editor girlfriend.

She returned to Sundance that same year with , the final installment in the wildly successful teen horror-comedy trilogy directed by Wes Craven.

“Let’s just walk,” she says/demands, and then aggressively spills the personal details of her life—a childhood bout with cancer, issues with her mother—gesturing wildly and pausing only to gulp in some breaths. I tell everything,” she says at one point, acknowledging for the first time that she’s actually been talking Did you guys think she was crazy at this point? Louie seemed pretty overwhelmed by the sheer force of her—Posey’s performance is, I mean, wow—and that’s before she drags him into a thrift shop and strong-arms him into trying on a nude, one-shoulder, glittery gown. Let’s put her on a reality show with Zooey Deschanel and Adam from Speaking of, it’s time for dinner. Let’s go now.) Out of the many, many food montages of film and TV—Tony and crew scarfing pasta at Artie Bucco’s place in —I don’t believe we’ve ever seen anything quite like this. In the stairwell scene, lines like “It’s a long way up, but it’s worth it” are clearly weighted with double meaning in a way that seemed pretty anvil-y for this show. At 44, he’s still figuring out what the fuck he wants, what makes him happy, how to, you know, step-breathe to someplace good, or good enough.

The date moves to Russ and Daughters, a famous Jewish deli on the Lower East Side. But then Posey screaming at Louie like a crazed personal trainer to “STEP. I don’t think Liz is the answer, but I also understand why he didn’t bail on the date.John Cho, Parker Posey, Haley Lu Richardson, Michelle Forbes, and Rory Culkin are starring the Indiana-set drama “Columbus.” “Columbus” marks the feature directorial debut of Kogonada, who has been noted for his visual work and film criticism commissioned by the Criterion Collection and Sight & Sound.

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