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Once in his dressing room, in the presence of screenwriter Harry Kleiner and Peter Yates, I witnessed a furious tirade over the word “obsequious.” It had outraged Steve that he didn’t know what the word meant and he bellowed, “Obsequious ... ”The word was part of a sentence Kleiner had given the intellectual Bob Vaughn character to say to Steve.

To keep peace the sentence was changed Steve had the uncanny ability to believe what he was saying at the moment.

tttt What I didn’t know was that he was already “entertaining” women in his apartment. ” I thought I’d best get the ground rules straight “Look, honey, this has nothing to do with you and me. At times it felt as though I were living with a stranger.

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Peter Yates had been impressed and remarked, “You only get your way if you have power, and Mc Queen has power.”Steve was growing full of himself there was no doubt. I don’t know what the hell it means and if I don’t know you can bet your sweet ass that those people in the theater ain’t gonna know either!

It was clear he wasn’t ready to talk over just yet what it was he felt. His eyes had been riveted to the screen during the entire two hours. And that would kill him[quote] Why would a str8 guy care so much? tttt Steve wanted billing over Paul—which was ridiculous, considering that Steve had made his film debut in 1955 in a minor part (which was basically the problem) in Somebody Up There Likes Me, starring Paul Newman. We both know you wouldn’t.” He truly wanted to do this movie with Paul, but he had boxed himself in by stubbornly insisting on top billing. tttt Then Freddie Fields, Paul Newman’s agent, came up with an idea that was wholeheartedly approved by Paul. (It did resurface in Le Mans briefly and then disappeared, never to be seen again.)Steve decided we would go to Europe before he began his next picture, The Reivers. It doesn't matter how alpha they themselves might be.

For a minute there I thought he might have been offended by the sacrilegious way the cross had been handled. Paul Newman had also gathered a few Oscar nominations along the way, compared to Steve’s one, and Paul was as much a major star as Steve. You know I would,” he replied as he propped himself up on his elbow. He thought flipping a coin would be the way to save face and it would give him a fifty-fifty chance of coming out on top. And that was to give Steve billing on the left (which is the first position), while Paul’s name would be on the right, but raised higher than Steve’s. Claudia Cardinale and her husband, Franco Cristaldi (whom we had met when she and Steve were co-presenters at the 1964 Academy Awards), had invited us to visit them in Rome. I had knocked the wind out of his sails and he needed a tremendous amount of energy to carry him through the day’s shooting. The biggest supermodel, biggest actress, hottest star.

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w=614" class="size-full wp-image-25" title="Forever Alone 01" src=" instinct told me the direction his life was taking, and I was being gently pushed away. Years later he would explain, “I felt compelled to do it and I couldn’t stop. Tell me.” tttt “God, baby, I can’t believe this guy’s going to be a movie star, can you? Steve couldn’t understand the public’s fascination with this unconventional-looking actor. ”Freddie said he thought Steve should choose the lower. it was becoming impossible to talk to him sensibly, since he was stoned most of his waking moments.