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14-Jan-2020 17:59

What they don’t tell you is that this area of law, known as reimbursement or subrogation, is very complicated, but a good personal injury attorney will figure out the implications of ERISA in your case.You also may have a form of government-assisted health care.This is not a formally filed lien but more of a contract that requires you to pay up the remaining balance at the end of the case.Your attorney will want to review any documents you sign with any medical provider to make sure your balances are covered at the end of your case.Many people find this out the hard way whenever they settle their claim and later get sued by Cigna for not paying them their medical bills back. You might “share” some fault with, say, the other driver (perhaps you both may have been making illegal turns), but if the court decides your share of the blame for the accident exceeds 50 percent, you cannot recover.Who decides if you are at fault and what percentage of the fault is yours?

They’re not trying to be fair; they’re trying to save their companies money. What if you are partially at fault for causing the wreck but not more than 50 percent?

You can find out by calling the circuit court clerk in the county in which you live and the circuit court clerk in the county where the doctor or hospital is.