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09-Aug-2020 20:19

In fact, until relatively recently, female sexuality was an oxymoron.

The idea that women even wanted sex was a heretical thought. In fact, in the western Classical Age, women’s sexuality was considered to be in many ways superior to men’s.

One of the ongoing complaints I see amongst my readers and in society in general is sex. It’s led men to drink, drugs and dodgy sub-reddits. Today, I’m going to do something that nobody else has done: I’m going to give you the secret to getting ((So many jokes…)). No “free-sample-now-pay-for-the-rest.” No dodgy links. Women – and society – have been taught that sex is a trait; men are satyrs who can barely control themselves while women are tasked with having to guard not only their own virtue but regulate men’s sexuality as well, because Lord knows men can’t, bless their hearts.

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This is never more evident than in evolutionary psychology.

After all, we’ve tamed the deserts, charted the oceans, harnessed the atom and conquered outer space…

clearly we are a people of lucid cognition who see only what is real, untainted by superstition or cultural prejudice. We let confirmation bias control much of what we believe, even down to our science.

The “eggs are cheap” theory falls into a logical fallacy known as of this”.

It’s backfilling the origins of modern sexual behavior by establishing a seemingly logical “reason” for its existence.

But I think you’ll agree with me that it’s You want to know the main reason why sex seems so damned difficult to come by unless you’re one of the blessed few who seem to have an intrinsic grasp of social dynamics? Over generations, society has placed barrier after barrier between women and their own sexuality.

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