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01-May-2020 00:59

As soon as there is a change, the code refreshes the Pivot Cache of the Pivot Table with the name Pivot Table1.

You need to modify this code to make it work for your workbook: Now when you change anything in the data source, the Pivot Table would automatically get refreshed. Note: Since there is a macro in the workbook, save this with or extension.

Step 3: Select the tab at the bottom of the worksheet that contains the pivot table. Step 5: Click the Analyze tab at the top of the window. Note that, rather than clicking the Refresh button in the ribbon to update your pivot table data, you can choose to press the F5 key on your keyboard instead.

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Once you add new data in your source sheet, just refresh your pivot table.

In above formula, I have used offset function to create a dynamic range. Address(Reference Style:=xl R1C1) 'Change Pivot Table Data Source Range Address Pivot_Sheet.

If you do this, you can also use the refresh technique to update the Pivot Table even when new data (rows/columns) are added to the data source (since an Excel Table automatically accounts for new rows/columns that are added).

Note that if you change the data source into an Excel Table and then use the Excel table to create the Pivot Table, you don’t need to use the change data source option.

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Decoding the Code: This is a change event which gets triggered whenever there is a change in the sheet that contains the source data.

Dynamic range can expand automatically whenever you add new data into your source sheet. Now, you have a dynamic range to create a pivot table. Activate Msg Box "Your Pivot Table is now updated." End Sub Data_Sheet. Just choose one of the above-mentioned methods, put your data on your data sheet and refresh your pivot table.