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Certainly, their technology is more advanced than ours who live on the surface but they still have a long way to go in order to solve the issues that have plagued them since they became advanced.These people are not alien to the earth; in fact, they are for the most part, earthlings.

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We spend some time on the earth and then we spend time out there (Solamenta) when we leave the planet reviewing and correcting.

Then it is time to come back again and attempt to put into practice what we’ve learned.

This is how God’s plan works, this is how we eventually become the type of people who can live in Paradise forever and when we do, the cycle of life and death ends for us and we truly become both human and immortal.

There is one way to know our past and to some extent, our future and this could be done through the science of genetics.

Unfortunately, our technology has not advanced to the point of being able to understand much about our genes.Another problem with soil and rock sampling is that everything orbits. They erode, break apart and eventually become so small that they begin to sink and so, they begin their journey down toward the center of the earth.

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