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UBUNTU IN SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIETYThe new Coat of Arms of South Africa contains two human figures from Khoisan (the First People of Africa) rock art that are depicted as facing one another in greeting and in unity, representing the beginning of the individual’s transformation into the greater sense of belonging to the nation and by extension, the collective humanity. ke e:/xarra //ke, is written in the Khoisan language of the /Xam people, officially translated:‘diverse people unite’ and referring to ‘u Buntu Titles A Report on Ubuntu. Leonhard Praeg and Siphokazi Magadla Personal Growth African Style.

Welcome to the Government Publications Library where you will find primary sources published by the Government of South Africa and by other Southern African countries.

Instead of thinking in a linear fashion and relying on our five senses to arrive at the truth, Ma’at is a reminder to go beyond this approach and to include the heart in our thinking.

Order and balance in the universe (u Buntu) is possible through Love.

Since the characteristics of Ma’at have metaphysical as well as ethical implications, the laws of nature, of society and the divine are all the same.

Because of this, ideas such as truth, order, and light for example are all interchangeable.

Tracing the origins of the values and principles that u Buntu are based upon leads to ancient Egypt (Khem) and the concept of Ma’at.

THE CONCEPT OF MA’ATWith recordings dating back to the period of the Old Kingdom (the period in the 3rd millennium BCE (ca.

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u Buntu is said to originate from African religion that is generally regarded as a Sun-centred pagan or heathen religion.

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