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02-May-2020 07:57

Hundreds of Dubai’s tallest buildings are infernos waiting to happen, a leading fire safety expert has told the Telegraph's Peter Foster and Louisa Loveluck in Dubai, after a New Year’s Eve skyscraper fire raised serious concerns about the safety of buildings throughout the Emirates.

Here are the key developments on Saturday: • Flames engulfed the exterior of the luxury 63-storey hotel ‘The Address’ within a matter of seconds, tearing up the outside of the building “like paper” according to onlookers and creating a stampede of New Years’ revellers fleeing for their lives.

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Dubai police have posted on Twitter a photograph taken by a forensics officer which seems to show the fire starting.It is possible to see a fire in a covered terrace burning through the roof and starting to travel up the side of the higher part of the building.The morning after and smoke is still pouring from Dubai's Address Hotel.“The basic rule is that the outside of any building over 30 metres – which is as high as any fire-truck ladder can reach – must be made of non-combustible materials because you cannot fight the fire.

Large numbers of buildings in the UAE do not meet that standard,” he said.

“No-one has died yet, but there will be fatalities sooner or later,” he says, adding that he estimates that up to 70 per cent of Dubai’s high rise buildings could be clad in the flammable materials.