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Clay wrote four songs, three of them with Kim Williams and Kent Blazy.

‘Heartache Highway’ is a wistful song about failing to patch things up: It’s a hell of a road When you’re leavin’ heaven behind ‘Down By The Riverside’ is another remembrance of first love.

After 1985 Haggard’s career on the singles charts would cool down considerably with only one more #1 record and only a few more top ten singles.

Merle’s last solo chart hit would occur in 1990, by which time he was fifty-two years old, a rather advanced age for any country artist to be experiencing chart success.

James Stroud’s production isn’t bad, a little dated in places now, but sufficiently recognisable as country music with some nice fiddle, and Clay’s vocals are good throughout.

The album sold very well, and was certified platinum.

Moreover, he may have been the biggest single factor in triggering western swing and Jimmie Rodgers revivals.

Through 1979 Haggard had charted sixty songs on the Billboard country charts with thirty-one songs reaching #1 on one or more of the Billboard, Cashbox or Record World country charts.

‘You Make It Look So Easy’ is another sad love song, written by Chris Waters and Tom Shapiro, with the protagonist failing to cope with a breakup.