100 essential questions for dating couples

17-Jul-2020 11:29

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Here are your pre-wedding topics for discussion: If you dig your way through these issues with your betrothed and find you don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, don’t panic -- disagreeing is not a recipe for divorce.

“Sometimes there are differences that are sizeable in these area, and that’s OK -- you don’t want to marry your clone,” says Weston.

How do you tell the difference between the jitters and cold feet?

“One sign is that you are really picking your fiancé apart and are hypercritical of him or her all the time,” says Moir-Smith.

“You just have to balance between how much you alter your life and how much your spouse alters his or hers, or you just agree to disagree.” Still, explains Weston, it’s important that your individual differences are well understood, and ideally, those differences should come out of the closet well before the down payment is made on a ring.

“It’s life philosophies that matter in a marriage.” What’s on the checklist of life a couple should talk through before the wedding bells start to toll?

“While you might not be ready to call the wedding off, having cold feet means it’s time to do some emotional work around getting married.” Therapy and some serious one-on-one time with your spouse-to-be are both smart choices; sifting through your thoughts and concerns is the only way to make it to the altar in one piece.

But if still doesn’t feel right, calling it off can be the right decision, even if it’s last-minute.

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